Bruno Tombari & Rocío Lequio

From Bruno: “a boy from the neighborhood of Villa Ortuzar, in the city of Buenos Aires, a tango dancer, a milonguero, a traveler, a teacher, a football fan, I laugh a lot and cry easily, I am fun and a little annoying. Between pianists and opera singers, a family of musicians that had no dancers. I knew tango thanks to my old man. He was the one who gave me this world of hugs, this expressive and creative language, which became my profession, my passion, the best way to know the world and that allows me to meet wonderful people. I call it “my big adult game”. I seek to dance as free as I can prioritizing comfort, fluency, and union with music and my partner. Then, all the rest disappears. And you only have to dance. I love tango, and I thank it for its generosity. It is very crazy to live from what one loves, and to know that is a reward.”

From Rocio: “I was born and grew up in the western area of Greater Buenos Aires. At 18, I came to live in the centre, determined to devote myself to dancing. I knew that was what I wanted to do, and although I did not know how, I never doubted it.
That choice, in addition to allowing me to live with the people I like the most, also brought me great friends and experiences. I discovered that I love traveling, that I love living in Buenos Aires, that I do not change the dulce de leche for Nutella, that each person has a teaching to leave me and vice versa – this is the richest learning. But above all, if one is present and willing to play, things can only go well.”