Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra

Horacio Godoy is known throughout the world as a maestro of maestros. Having started tango in 1991 working for his sister, Mora Godoy, a famous tango choreographer, he soon opened La Viruta in 1996 which today is one of the most famous tango venues today offering dancing until 6am most nights of the week in Buenos Aires. La Viruta sees over 1,000 dancers each night in the busy season. When Horacio is not home running this popular milonga and teaching packed classes he travels the world teaching tango.

Cecilia began her career as a tango dancer in 1998 and as a teacher in 2001. She has a broad background across different disciplines such as dance, circus, contact improvisation. She learned from greatest masters of Tango (Walter Gomez, Luciana Valle, Dina Martinez, Gustavo Naveira, Claudio Gonzalez, Melina Brufman, Mariela Sametband, Gaston Torelli, Cecilia García) evolving her tango along the years and developing her own techniques. She currently resides in Barcelona where she is a Teacher and Organizer of the Aquelarre Tango Milonga



IMPROVER [6 months – 1 year]

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tango

INTERMEDIATE [1 yr – 2.5 years]

Tango milonguero: learning the basics of the style


Technique for all dancers: developing your dance through body awareness

ADVANCED [2.5 years +]

Musicality: Timing, syncopation and applications
Movements using body weight

MASTER [5 years +]

New ideas: movements to use with Pugliese and other newer orchestras


DJ Workshop
The 40’s: the Golden Age (talk)