Sexteto Fantasma

SEXTETO FANTASMA is coming on its third european tour in Spring 2018. The Sexteto has previously performed at some of the biggest tango festivals in Europe, like Tarbes en Tango 2016, where more than 1000 people danced in its main milonga. On its latest tour the orchestra will be performing in the Tango Night of the Wiesbaden Opera Theater and the Festival Le Printemps du Tango a Mulhouse, Francia. Also, it will be performing in milongas and concerts around Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany, and will be making its first visit to the UK for EITF.

With its five years of experience, the sextet is one of the best known groups of the new tango generation. From its own milonga in the Almagro neighborhood, Ventanita de Arrabal, they have grown in the tango circuit and beyond. The orchestra has performed in Buenos Aires at milongas like La Viruta and renowned venues such as Usina del Arte, Teatro 25 de Mayo, Torquato Tasso and CAFF.

Sexteto Fantasma plays classical tangos in the style of D’Arienzo, De Angelis and Forever Tango, as well as its own compositions. The group could be defined as a typical quintet plus a singer, with the exception that in this case, the traditional violin is replaced by a trumpet. The orchestra has a unique sonority that captivates the audience and the dancers.

Sexteto Fantasma unites the three fundamental arts of Tango: dance, music and poetry, achieving a unique blend, both classic and modern at the same time. It is part of the Milonguero scene and shares its artistic DNA. Is a mixture of porteño elegance and the bohemian fire that invades the streets and nights of Buenos Aires.