Friday 26th May 2017

Opening Milonga: 8:30pm – 2am

Teviot Row House.
DJ Horacio Godoy (Buenos Aires). Dance performance by Jenny & Ricardo Oria.

Saturday 27th May 2017

Festival Café: 1:15pm – 6pm

Teviot Row House.
DJ Juan Ortiz (Edinburgh, Spain).

Saturday Ball: 8:30pm – 2am

Featuring live music from Orquesta Típica La Juan D’Arienzo.
Greyfriars Kirk.
DJ Ewa Zbrzeska (London, Poland). Dance performance by Gastón & Mariana.

Sunday 28th May 2017

Festival Café: 1:15pm – 6pm

Teviot Row House.
DJ Billy Henderson (Inverness).

Sunday Ball: 8:30pm – 3am

Featuring live music from Sexteto Milonguero.
Greyfriars Kirk.
DJ Gastón Torelli (Buenos Aires). Dance performance by Horacio & Cecilia.

Monday 29th May 2017

Festival Café: 1pm – 6pm

Teviot Row House.
DJ Mike Quickfall (Edinburgh).

Closing Milonga: 8:30pm – 1am

Teviot Row House.
DJ Ricardo Oria (Edinburgh, Buenos Aires). Goodbye to the maestros.

Each evening will feature an international DJ and a dance performance from our world-class maestros

Venue Maps

Venue Addresses 2016

Teviot Row House: 13 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ.
Greyfriars Kirk: 1 Greyfriars, Edinburgh, EH1 2QQ.

Building Access & Security

Unfortunately the terms of our hire for Teviot House require security on the main door at all times. At the milongas photographic ID may be required and no under-18s will be allowed. Access should be unrestricted during the day but please bring your pass/tickets with you to ensure there are no problems. If you have any questions please email